"Thanks for your most recent batch of pics; they look great! I loved the close-ups. Our producer, Greg Henderson, echoes my praise."
Annette Scarpitta, Discovery

"I just wanted to say that I think Mr. Westheim's photographs are beautiful. He has an amazing ability to capture the true emotion of his subjects."
Paul Aviles, AIG

"As always, you've outdone yourself! I can't believe you're in Taiwan, your service is so prompt and courteous. I'd swear you were in the next room! Your images are truly one of a kind, too. Thanks again. You're the best!"
Melinda Alexander, Prentice Hall

"His integrity, sense of adventure and appreciation for the inherent beauty in people, and their respective cultures, is represented clearly in his work. His photos depict stunning, real life images of people, culture, and history. Mood, emotion and light are tools Henry uses to draw viewers into his images."
Maieve Gallup, Art Dharma

"As usual, fantastic photos! ...They aren't good, they're great! The lighting is good, the memory size is fantastic (high quality) and the proportions are easy to work with for laying out a cover. I really couldn't ask for more."
Courtney Donovan Smith, Editor, Compass/Taiwanfun Magazines

"Thanks for your help! From halfway around the world, you quickly grasped the concept and delivered great footage - on time and on budget. Our clients were happy, the finished show won major awards in the U.S., and you made us look good. Thanks a million, Hank!"
Mike Laur, Motion Pixel Lab